Battle Scenerio

Dual Front Event, February 20017

Advance on the Elba


In the final days of April 1945 Wehrmacht is desperately attempting to hold off the advances by Soviet and Allied forces and keep a lines of communication open between forces in Austria and the leadership besieged in Berlin.



The German units will establish two Command Posts, one on the Soviet sector and one in the Allied sector.  The Germans must hold both Command Posts at the end of the scenario to win.  The Soviets and Allies must capture both Command Posts to achieve their victory conditions.  Any other result will be designated as a draw.  The terminus time for the scenario will be determined at the Unit Leaders’ meeting. (usually between 1500 – 1600 hrs.)

The German units may set-up up to two dummy Command Posts in both sectors, Allied and Soviet (for a total of three CP’s 2 dummy and 1 real per sector); however, the actual command post must be easily identifiable as the actual command post from the inside by both sides.


The Elba River

Due to the political accords drawn up at the Yalta Convention neither the Allies or Soviet forces may cross the Elba River.  German forces are free to cross the designated Elba River. 

The following rules apply to the road designated as the Elba River;

  1. Motor vehicles may not drive along the road the is designated as the Elba River.  

  2. Dismounted German troops may cross the road designated as the Elba but may not walk along the roadway.



German forces may deploy in either the Eastern or Western Deployment Zones directly after line-up is concluded.

Allied and Soviet units must return to the camp areas and may start along the indicated Initial Advance Routes at the designated times. 

German forces are allowed to engage Soviet or Allied forces on the opposite banks of the Elba at any time.  Soviet and Allied forces must adhere to the Rules of Engagement when engaging German forces on the opposite banks of the Elba.


Regrouping Zones

An Eastern and Western ‘Regrouping Zone’ will be established it is from this area that the German forces may counter- attack.  Allied and Soviet forces may not enter these ‘Regrouping Zones.’ 

Kill Times

Kill times will be determined at the Unit Leaders’ Meeting based on final attendance numbers. 


Prisoners of War

Prisoners of War may be involuntary held for no more than the maximum kill time determined at the Unit Leaders’ Meeting (i.e. if the German kill time is 5 minutes and the Allied is 10 minutes that a POWs may be held no longer than 10 minutes).

During this time POW may be interrogated for the location of the Command Post or to determine how much intelligence the Allies know of the location, etc. 

During the capture once a capturing group is within 5 foot of the captured trooper the captured trooper is considered to have been searched for hidden weapons and may not take further hostile action.  The only exception is if the captured trooper agrees to allow himself to be physically searched.

Allied and Soviet POWs must be kept on their respective side of the Elba River.


CHG Rules and Regulations

All standard CHG rules and bylaws for vehicle use and rules of conduct apply for this event.




The German Encampment will be located at the ‘Eastern Regrouping Zone.’


The Allied Encampment will be located on the southern section, the same location where the encampments were in 2015 and prior years.  Due to logistics the Allied camp is on the Soviet side of the Elba River.  After line-up the Allied forces will deploy to their initial advance area.


The Soviet Encampment will be in the northern section, the same location that they were in 2016.


During the engagement please stay out of the encampments unless you are invited in.