Item Company, 3rd Battalion, 9th Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division


We are a group of reenactors from all over California who strive to portray accurately the combat soldiers of the Second World War and through our efforts honor and preserve their memory - for our generation and others to follow. We achieve this through the restoration of vehicles, preservation of artifacts, and participation in historical re-enactments.


We are enthusiasts, amateur historians, educators, and vehicle owners who enjoy WWII re-enacting and living history. Our unit is a member of the California Historical Group (C.H.G.), and is primarily based in Southern California. Our members come from all over the Southern California and Nevada, and come from all walks of life, including current and former military service members.


As a member of the California Historical Group, we require three things. Safety, strict authenticity, and non-­‐political orientation.  Our main focus is to educate the general public in the historical importance of World War Two, and to promote growth and development within re-enacting as a highly rewarding and educational hobby.


If you are interested in joining or simply wish to support our unit, please feel free to browse our site, or contact us for more information.


For more information on WWII Reenacting in California in general, please visit the C.H.G. website.


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